classical music… coffee… what gives?

4 07 2006

In 1998, I traveled throughout Germany & Austria as a musician on a symphony orchestra concert tour. I was familiar with the fact that Europeans drink something they call beer, and we have a drink with the same name – but the similarities end there. I enjoyed my post-concert beer(s!) in each city, and looked forward to the next city’s offering. What I didn’t expect to find, is that the Europeans have a drink called coffee, and we have a drink called coffee, and the similarities end there too! The coffee served with breakfast in most hotels we stayed was Jacobs. The coffee shop on the street corners were not Starbucks, but rather Tchibo coffee bars.

Latte ArtThis was the beginning of my hobby/quest/obsession with good coffee. I found that Jacobs could be ordered online through places like Also, the military commissaries carried Jacobs, Tchibo, and another German “wunderkaffe” called Dallmayr. Awesome!

“but wait… there’s more” Gotta make some more coffee first (my home-roasted coffee … Jacobs will only do in a pinch anymore)




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5 07 2006

Great latte art!

22 05 2009
Friday Fabulous Fried French Toast Bacon Sandwich

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