Go Figure (life in the D.C. Area) v.1.0

5 07 2006

Harley GuyI live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. While growing up in New Jersey, we were taught by our folks that it was the New York drivers that were rolling hazards. New Yorkers warned me of Massachusettes drivers. Massachusettes drivers universally claim that the Ohio drivers are responsible for global warming. Clearly, none of them have ever driven in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area. We define inept. When the roadways get wet or become icy, we get stupider! Don’t take my word for it – ask any D.C. area resident. They’ll back me up – guaranteed. {disclaimer – I’m the only one who is exempt from this}

While running some errands this afternoon, I saw an amazing sight in my rear-view mirror: A “Harley Dude” on his bike, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth & a cell phone wedged to his ear with his awkwardly-cocked shoulder. We were moving – not stopped at a light. My guess is that the conversation was something like this; “What?.. I can’t… wait… I gotta shift..OK… what???…what did you say?…”

I’m sure it was the Misses, asking him to stop for some milk.



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