hitting your mark – occasionally

6 07 2006

Babe HolligerToday I took the commuter rail to work. An announcement came over the platform loudspeaker that the train will be 15 minutes late due to other rail traffic. This is not the first time that my train has gotten me to my destination much later than promised. It seems to be a 50/50 proposition. I pay a hefty ticket price for a service – that is often not provided accurately.

As a classical musician, accuracy & precision are demanded of me every time I play my oboe; in rehearsal, recording or concert settings. In baseball terms, I must bat 1.000 – never miss, or risk musical unemployment. That’s the nature of this business. If a major league baseball player bats .300 for a season, its considered superb. If I performed with that same 30% success, I’d be too embarrassed to ever play in public. I wonder if that same 30% rule works for the commuter rail industry? If the Virginia Rail got to Union Station at the prescribed time 30% of the time, maybe all the employees would receive bonuses for outstanding service.




One response

26 12 2006
Gary Moody

Mr. Mankin:

I would like permission to use this photo in our woodwind quarterly newsletter, which is e-mailed to our students and area high schools.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Gary Moody
Professor of Oboe
Colorado State University

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