beans and reeds; it’s all about control

8 07 2006

coffee-reedWe’ve all heard the phrase “if you want it done right, do it yourself”. Oboists know this concept better than most. Oboists depend on their reeds to behave & respond as heavily as a scuba diver depends on his/her air tank. This requires hours and hours of reed making and adjustments proper to ever putting the oboe near one’s mouth for rehearsal or performance. Oboe reeds are for sale from hundreds of vendors worldwide. Buying a pre-made reed, however, leaves critical craftsmanship, concepts & customizations in the hands of strangers. Professional oboists just won’t give up that critical control. That is why we manufacture our reeds ourselves – many of us leave none of the process to others by purchasing stalks of cane from far-away exotic places and sorting, splitting, cutting, gouging, shaping, tying and scraping the raw materials into our reeds (musical scuba tanks).

When it comes to coffee, I tend to want that same control. I’ve had gallons of undesirable coffee served to me, but precious little extraordinary coffee sent my way. Since I don’t live in a mountainous region near the equator, I have to leave the growing & picking of the coffee to farmers in different far-away exotic places. Once I have acquired raw (green) coffee beans, I grab control of the entire process, from roasting to brewing in order to achieve the desired results.

My hand-made oboe reeds give me what I want – response, tone, beauty. My home-roasted coffee gives me what I want – response, tone, beauty. One is for the ears, the other is for the palette – both then go to the heart in the form of contentment.




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