talking in the right key

11 07 2006

My son, Peter turned three last month. He had not spoken his first word as of his birthday. Funny thing, this early human development. Both professions and casual observers have been quick to place a label on his development.

Perhaps he hasn’t needed to communicate verbally – if he wants something to drink, he simply grabs a parent’s finger & drags one of us to the fridge. Maybe he wasn’t able to. Who knows. There’s one thing that I have discovered that Peter can do, and it’s rather startling; Peter has perfect pitch. For those of you who are not musicians, and you might not know this term, it is the ability of one to identify any pitch and reproduce it accurately. For example, the famed openening of Beethoven’s Fifths Symphony is G – G – G – E-flat. You can play any other notes that are the same intervalic relationship – the major 3rd, but ONLY G – G – G – E-flat is correct – and perhaps only someone with perfect pitch would notice that it sounds like Beethoven 5, but it is WRONG. Peter has been humming beautifully for months, and when he hums Beethoven’s 5th, it is ALWAYS G – G – G – E-flat – he’s never wrong. {yes, my 3 year old son loves Beethoven & Mozart, and runs around the house humming their melodies constantly – REALLY!}{OK, he throws a few Barney songs in there too šŸ˜¦ }

A few days ago, Peter saw a sunflower on TV, and said the word “FLOWER”. It was his first word that had a clear meaning and was repeated every time he saw a flower. He also asked for a snack a day or two later… “Wheat Thin”. When Mickey Mouse is spotted in the store or on TV, he says “Hi-ya, Mickey” or “Hi-ya Minnie” for Mickey’s gal-pal. He knows the difference. In preschool, he said “Ice Cream” as they made construction paper ice cream cones. Guess what – every one of these words or phrases is two-syllables … EVERY ONE!

Is there a label for that?




One response

11 07 2006

Pete is his own person. He communicates in his own time…be it with words or music or looking you straight in the eye and smiling. He does have perfect pitch. I have witnessed this…and it is amazing. He is a musician…just like his pop. – Mare

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