Luke the wonder cat

12 07 2006

LukePeople who have known me for more than a handful of years know that I was lucky enough to be owned by Luke. Luke was a black & white cat that adopted me in 1982 and kept me for about 18 years before his nine lives were up. I did not choose Luke, he chose me. While visiting the kennel that was sponsoring a cat adoption event, the technician released a half dozen kittens on the floor for me to see, and this one black & white guy immediately leapt from the floor to the chair – to the counter – and to my shoulder. Cat search was over. Some people are cat people, and some people are dog people, and some people just don’t like animals, period. Luke was a cat that thought he was a dog, fetching on command, responding to my calling of his name, and walked at my heel around the yard & home. Life-long confirmed cat hating dog people liked Luke. Life-long cat owning/loving people often confided to me that they wished they had a cat like Luke. We all have met people that can charm anyone – Luke was that – just in a cat suit. Without written permission from Luke, I lived in a variety of homes & settings with other animals – a German Shepherd and two Shih Tzus (they’ll be featured in a future Oboerista entry). In addition to living in my homes, Luke was a frequent extended-term guest at my mother’s home in New Jersey while I was on concert tours and vacations. He even took charge of college roommate Laurent’s apartment in Philadelphia a few times. Yes, he was extraordinary & made sure that as many humans knew it as possible.



One response

28 09 2008

OmG, my “cancer cat” is a black and white rescue kitty named Luke too. And we also think of him as a wonder cat, or a dog in a cat’s coat. We are so blessed to have him. There are five families who’ve volunteered to adopt him if anything happens to us. Is there magic in the name Luke? d

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