i just walked to dallas, and man – are my feet tired

15 07 2006

welcome to texasAlmost exactly three years ago, I purchased a good-quality treadmill and started a ritual – one that I hoped would change my life.

At 245 pounds, I was well on my way to serious health problems. My blood pressure was up, my stamina was down, my breathing was labored, and I had just become a father again, so there was little sleep happening at our house too.

OK, it wasn’t just that I had enough of the excessive weight, I had my physician lower the hammer on me – do this or else! Looking at my young children, and remembering that my father had died at age 29 of a sudden heart attack, I did not want my kids to have to say to their friends “my father died”. I never liked saying that as a kid, but I said it plenty – it just came up occasionally.

Overnight, I changed many lifestyle choices – eating much healthier foods, taking in way fewer carbohydrates, and walking as close to every day as I could. Due to a back injury, running is quite painful, but I do walk at a fast clip on my trusty treadmill; uphill all the way, increasing the speed every 10 minutes. The wall mounted TV/DVD in front of me keeps my mind off “the burn” and I walk, and I walk. Assuming I walk for 30 minutes (maybe around 1.5 miles) each day, & I do this 300 days per year (I think that’s a low estimate), I have walked approximately 1.350 miles – roughly the distance from my Virginia home to Dallas, Texas.

Dave and DaveThree years ago today, I wore 42″ waisted pants – today I wear size 33. Three years ago today, I thought how much better I felt after taking my ritual walk. I still feel this way after tonight’s walk.

“Howdy, partnah – where’s the nearest diner? I’ve walked a long way & could use a #1 club.”




One response

20 07 2006

Wow, what a story! You’ve walked the equivalent of walking to Dallas!??? That is amazing!! So, I guess it takes 3 years to walk there. WOW.

I have’t kept track of how many miles I’ve walked since I started treadmilling. Does your treadmill have a program on it so you can set it to different kinds of courses like “Alpine walk”, or “Trailblazers” or “5K Run” or what ever? I discovered those a few months ago and have been using them ever since. Usually the Alpine one. It automatically changes speed and incline based on what you entered. I’d be curious to know if your personal one does that, too.


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