that’s my f#

22 07 2006

coke_canYou know that cool color of red that’s used on every can & billboard that Coca-Cola has? You can’t use that color. Why not? Coke owns the color. Really! If you’re the first to claim something, and you have your team of lawyers draft up the paperwork in accordance with the local/federal regulations, it’s yours.

keyboardIn my house (the one with side-by-side upright pianos), there is a note (an f#) that is particularly out of tune. The end result is a sound which when played, drives me crazy… but my daughter loves the sound. She calls it “her” note, and plays it often. My 3 year old son, who seems to have perfect pitch, will go out of his way to play the note repeatedly – not because he likes it too, but because he knows it aggravates his sister in a near-explosive way.

“That’s my note!” she screams, as she removes his hands from the instrument.

piano warsHome Depot provided me means to resume peace in my livingroom. Maybe we should send some over to the Middle East. Worked for me!




3 responses

22 07 2006
barb b.

very funny, dave! 🙂

22 07 2006

Good old Home Depot. A cure for whatever ails ya… Mare

24 07 2006

that is too funny! a perfect pitch little brother annoying his sister the best way possible! lol

that is amazing about the coke can red color! what shade to they call it? coca-cola red? hehe!

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