seven o’clock – yay!

29 07 2006

Here’s one that might leave you scratching your head when you’re done reading.

When the day starts to wind down, and our 3-year-old son Peter has put us through the parenting mill from 6 am to 7 pm, we have been known to exclaim “Seven O’Clock – YAY!”. It has become a ritual at the Mankin house. Kathy, 7-year-old Emma and I will have a contest to see who can say “Seven O’Clock – YAY!” on the exact strike of the grandfather’s clock. Peter, who does not yet speak, has even taking to imitate the “Seven O’Clock – YAY!” phrase. He doesn’t get too many consonants in place, but the vocal inflections and vowel sounds are unmistakable. We all snicker about the fact that he is proclaiming his glee for his bedtime without knowing it.

7 o'clockThis evening, we ate a later dinner than usual, and Peter, who had nibbled before the rest of us ate was in the adjacent room watching a kid’s TV show while the rest of us ate our evening meal. He turned away from the TV, looked in our direction, as if studying something, and loudly stated “eh-eh o’ahh – YAY!” Yes, it was the now familiar “Seven O’Clock – YAY!”, but just as he said it for the second time, the grandfather clock chimed 7 times.

You don’t think that he actually… he couldn’t have… is it possible?




One response

31 07 2006
Quinn McDonald

Of course he can tell time at 3 years old. And at 16, when he has your car, and a curfew, he will promptly lose that fine ability.

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