water slides and the crispy kid

7 08 2006

king's dominion logoI took my daughter to the amusement park today – Paramount’s King’s Dominion near Richmond, Virginia. The park has two areas of entertainment – traditional rides and a water park. The thermometer reached 100 degrees again, so we spent the majority of the time at the water park. This is Emma’s first season in which she is tall enough to rid the big water slides. Fearlessly, she climbed slowly and descended rapidly. She was truly happy. We travelled with friends Teresa & Norman, and their young son Noah. Noah & Emma have been friends their whole lives. Their interactions were totally amusing to the grown-ups. Noah spoke enthusiastically about super heroes and monsters – Emma nodded and read her scholastic supplies catalog. Boy – Girl, side by side in the back of the van – in their own separate worlds. We slathered our kids with sunscreen, and reapplied the coating several times throughout the day. We all fared well.

red babyThe most startling event of the day occurred as we were preparing to leave. We were walking toward the park exit. A woman pushed her young child toward us in a stroller. The boy was wearing only a diaper – and the poor kid was sun-burned to a crisp! Now maybe this is a case where I am jumping to a conclusion without knowing any of the facts (the baby has a skin condition, or this is the way he looks year-round… a really don’t know the facts). As our two parties passed, and we all saw this poor child up-close, we said nothing. After a few moments passed, we all looked at each other, silently. Our faces said it all. I’m buying stock in Noxema – there’s gonna be a spike in sales tomorrow.




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12 08 2006

OMG – this just seriously burns me (no pun intended). Seriously, letting your child get that burned is a form of child abuse. The pain that child felt that night and in the ensuing days is more than a good spanking, that’s for sure. What is wrong with people? How clueless can you be? I squirm with anxiety when my son falls and bruises his butt (as he did today). I just can’t imagine…

3 09 2006
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