mr. gaggia, mr. bodum, mr. cory – who’s ready to go to work?

12 08 2006

coffee equipmentI have a small army of coffee brewing equipment. They sit on a corner of my kitchen counter. Each one makes an excellent coffee drink for me, but no two work alike. My Aeropress is definitely a 21st century contraption that makes an exceptionally smooth coffee drink – one mug at a time. My Cory vacuum coffee pot is based on an 19th century principle. This particular model dates from the 1940s, and is made without the highly-conserved rubber gasket of the time (WW2). The beauty of the coffee it prepares is that the coffee grounds and the water never touch any material but glass – the coffee is a pure product, unaffected by bleached filter paper or contact with metal. When my brain asks for espresso, the Gaggia Classic is put into action. Heavy with brass, steel and copper, the Gaggia prepares espresso just as a barista would in a cafe in Europe (not like Starbucks – they use a super-automatic machine that only asks the operator to press the right button – no grinding, dosing, tamping and watched extraction required). My Cunill “Full Metal” grinder is required to grind the fresh coffee beans fine enough for real espresso. Oh, lets not forget the more standard methods to make nice coffee – I have those abilities too. The Bodum french press and the KitchenAid drip coffee maker get their turn to show their stuff too.

My current mood dictates which device is used. Sometimes, I really want an Americano, so the Gaggia is put to work. Company coming over? Full pot of drip works best. Coffee for blog writing? hmmmmm…




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12 08 2006

Wow, you really are a coffeeist! LOL

12 08 2006

Hey, by the way I know you’re birthday is coming up but I can’t remember what day it is!! Is it the 14th?? I don’t remember!!

12 08 2006

Gotta love that Aeropress!!! I still haven’t delved into my newest toy purchase (a kicking espresso machine), but the Aeropress has kept me satisfied long enough to stave that one off. After the new computer toy, I have to save the overtime for the espresso toy. Ahhhh, the joys of expensive hobbies! I guess it could be worse….I could be a skydiver!

Your counter looks as crowded as mine, btw. I’m thinking of buying one of those espresso carts for the RV parking spot in my driveway. Heck, it will be all in one place, and who knows, maybe a neighbor would drop by and order up. That might help pay for some of the toys!!! Bwahahah. 😉

12 08 2006

Oh yeah, happy birthday whenever that hits!!!

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