3 09 2006

bowling_ballsThe final days of summer are here. Emma & Peter both return to their beloved classrooms in 2 days. At summer’s start, we compiled a list of 46 fun things to do. From amusement park visits to breakfast at IHOP, we have accomplished many – not all, but many.

em_mare-daveToday, we tackled one more item on the list – BOWLING! Emma attended a bowling alley birthday party in June, and has been enthralled about bowling ever since. Besides, the bowling alley also sports a real-live pinball machine – a true relic from the dinosaur days of the arcades. Emma’s Aunt Mary came along with Emma & me, and we bowled 2 complete games and played a few rounds of pinball too. No bowling alley experience is complete, however, without eating at the snack bar. Emma had a hot dog, Mary had a bacon Cheeseburger, and I remained faithful to my diet; chef’s salad for me. For “bowling alley food”, it was a good salad.

* New feature on oboerista – VIDEO! *



The “Inner-Bubba” is satisfied!




One response

4 09 2006

Looks like fun! Liked the video, too. Enjoy your kids while they’re still with you! Can’t believe how fast the time goes before they’re gone! šŸ˜¦ Where did all the time go??

Good luck to Emma and Pete on their first day of school tomorrow!

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