if you knew sousa like i knew sousa

14 09 2006

sousa band

Emma came home from school today (2nd grade) very excited. She explained that in music class, they got to play musical instruments.

I asked her what instrument she played. She boasted, “the claves, Dad!”.

“Oh, that sounds like fun”, I said. “In what song did you play the claves?” I asked.

Emma answered, “Stars, Stripes Forever, Dad. Do you know that song?”

“Yes, Emma, I know it well”.

sousa“Have you ever played that song?”

“Yes Emma, about 12,000 times.”

“It was written by John Philip Sousa, Dad”.

“Yes Emma, it sure was”.

Note to self: Get Mom’s violin out of the closet & into Emma’s hands. There is no violin part to Stars & Stripes.



One response

6 04 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

Unfortunately, the S and S forever DOES have a fiddle part, in the L Stokowsky version…but its in the WRONG Key (D major!)Please dont ask me how I know….JC

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