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28 12 2006

Peter on PottyOne of the rougher stages of our first child was potty training. Emma was ready when Emma was ready, and no outside influence was going to hurry the process. She was finally ready at age 4. In all of our attempts to get it to come together, we accumulated quite a collection of videos, books, and potty seats.

While holiday shopping for Peter earlier this month, I stumbled on a familiar video – Once Upon a Potty. This is a very popular book and video that is available for either boys or girls. We own the video on VHS – starring Prudence. Even though it did not spark immediate success for Emma, she really liked watching the video. I purchased the DVD starring Joshua – the version for little boys.

I played the video once for Peter. Emma watched too – she remembers the “Potty Song” from watching it over 3 years ago. Before the video had ended, he was singing along – nailing the melody perfectly in tune after one hearing. When the video ended, he asked to see it again and again.

The next day, Peter asked for the “Potty Movie”. I had Emma run upstairs and bring down the potty seat that has been sitting in the bathroom – virtually unnoticed since setting it there in November. I sat the potty down in front of the TV. The video started, and Peter sat down on the potty, drank some juice, and sang along until the video ended.

I think we’re onto something here… more to come!

Once Upon A Potty




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31 12 2006
Quinn McDonald

He’ll probably train himself when he wants to. My son, whom I unsuccessfully cajoled, wheedled, rewarded, punished, and finally gave up on, toilet trained himself in three days when he was ready, not when I wanted it. It was on the day we moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where I had no ideas were the public potties were, natch. –Q

19 02 2007

Don’t you wish we could move our tv’s in front of the potty? Life would be much easier!

14 09 2014
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20 09 2014
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