woody and the april snow

7 04 2007

woody woodpeckerI thought it was a mistake when my computer flashed a “snow warning” window last night. It was no mistake – we awoke to 1/2 inch of fresh snow this morning. On April 7th, it actually snowed, and enough fell to stick to the grass. 2 days ago, we were wearing t-shirts & shorts.

A sometimes visitor to my bird feeder decided the fresh snow was a good enough occasion to grab a free meal. This woodpecker stops by nearly every day during the winter, but I never hear him drumming in the nearby trees. This is also the latest in the year that he has visited, but I suppose the April snowfall confused both of us!

real woodpecker



2 responses

28 02 2010

Hi David
an oboist, a coffeeist and and dad, that sounds like balance to me, I was just looking for images of woody to post on my blog but will come back and visit sometime, I have copied and put woody in my blog, with a link of thanks back to your site 🙂 have a super Day

28 02 2010

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