he’s got game

18 05 2007

TV-GameIf you try to analyze this too much, your brain will hurt. It’s dizzying to understand Peter at times. Readers of this blog have been following his developmental progress since July of last year. At that time, he was really not yet speaking.

This afternoon, Emma was given permission to play a video game. She plays the Playstation 2 very rarely, and hasn’t played for several months. As I was setting up her game, there was a brief moment when the TV input was set to the “GAME” setting, but the PS2 was not yet on.  The screen was blank, with the exception of the word “GAME” in the upper left corner. At this very moment, Peter wandered into the room, looked at the video screen, and said, “Game”. He then walked away.

My brain hurts.




One response

19 05 2007

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Is he recognizing the screen format or can he read? And does it make a difference? The first word my son could read was “Tide” –from the bright detergent bottle. The next was “Exit” simply because my daycare-attending toddler saw it so often. But it makes you wonder.

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