sensory, schmensory

23 05 2007


Pete wears shadesHere’s Peter, sporting his fashionable shades with his ever-napping companion Sam. It was not too very long ago that Peter would not allow anything foreign near his face; not toothbrush, hairbrush, washcloth – nothing! Now he asks for his “green glasses” before leaving the house, and has been known to fall sleep with them on (we removed them promptly after he nodded off).

Go Pete!
(or is that “Joe Cool”?)




3 responses

23 05 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

Hang in there and keep up the energy… Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery: make certain Peter has LOTS to imitate, He is doing really important work! JLC

24 05 2007

Love the glasses! Isn’t it wonderful when some of those fears start to fade? You must be working so hard to make his life safe and happy. I bet you’re exhausted every night!

24 05 2007


There are no words to describe the level of total exhaustion felt here 365 evenings per year. Oh good – a leap year’s coming soon. Make that 366.


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