a new angel

12 08 2007


Our family, community & world lost a precious member yesterday. Nadine Curry, better known as “Dee” watched over our street for years, and provided love, comfort & inspiration to all she touched – and she touched so many. Her kindness, warmth, and (most of all) her laughter will stay with us even though she has left us physically.

This is Emma’s first personal loss, and I feel we were able to explain this event in a mature, but non-confusing manner. She was a princess through this, and knows her “Aunt Dee” is in a warm & safe place where she will no longer be sick.

We miss you, Dee.




3 responses

18 08 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

David…sorry for your family’s loss and Dee’s (may she rest in peace) family too. JC

19 08 2007

I’m still in a bit of shock. And angel is so accurate – Dee was a class act.

29 10 2007
Elvada Woods

Ms Curry I miss you. I came to see you this weekend only to find that you have flown away. An angel is what you are. The world’s loss is Heavens gain. Now you can make cookies for the Angels…tell them to share.
Be well Nadine. I miss you.

P.S. Can you tell Candace Irvine that I said Hello?
Thank you

Love you much
Elvada Seleithia Woods

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