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6 09 2007

asian girlEarlier this evening, I looked out my front window and saw something disturbing. There was a very young Asian girl wandering around in circles. She seemed confused and lost. I watched for another moment or two, working hard to spot her guardian or parent. Surely there was an adult accompanying her. I would estimate her age to be somewhere between 2 & 3 years old. After determining that she was both lost and alone, I ran out my door to see if there was some way I could help her back to her parent’s arms. I approached her slowly. She was able to speak a little. I asked her lots of questions, and only received short, quiet and imprecise answers. She was confused, lost, and there was this strange bearded man asking lots of questions. Our neighborhood cat was walking nearby, so we chatted about the kitty for a while. Throughout our conversation, I was visually scanning the neighborhood – hoping to spot a frantic man or woman racing toward us. It did not happen. I repeatedly asked questions about family – Mom? Dad? Names? Cousins? Names? Then a familiar neighborhood name quietly fell from her lips. I recognized the name as a boy (also Asian!) who rides the school bus with Emma. I asked if that name was her brother. She said yes. I knew of another brother by name in that family, so I asked if she had any other brothers.  She said the second name, so I had figured out to which house & family she belonged. She allowed me to hold her hand and I walked her the block-and-a-half to her home. Climbing up the front stairs, I saw that the storm door was ajar. I knocked and was met by a father and son – one of the boys I knew from the school bus stop. I was pretty shocked by nearly no reaction to the girl’s safe return home. I explained that I found her down past my house, confused & alone. The father told me she was out with her brother. I explained that the brother was nowhere to be seen. Reaction – none. Reassuring hug for the little girl – none. Thank you for returning my daughter safely – none.




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7 09 2007

Some people should just get they’re parental license suspended. Unbelievable.

7 09 2007

Absolutely frightening. I’m just glad you were there! The other possible endings to this story are too horrible to think on.

8 09 2007

Thank God you were there, Dave – unbelievable. Sounds like you need to keep an eye on this family. Poor little girl.

22 09 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

I wonder if she will be in my office in a few years??

My husband notes that there are more requirements to own a dog than to have a child….

Do keep an eye out,David…If you listen closely to Emma, she may drop some other info about these kids that is key, if you catch my drift…

22 10 2007

When my son was 19 months old, he escaped from a 6-foot high, fenced-in, locked back yard. To this day, I have no idea how he did it. Someone found him wandering down the street with his blanket. He refused to give his name as he knew he was in big trouble. I had run the other way down the street, and when I saw him being brought home by a bearded stranger (not you, Dave, you have your hands full), I was terrified. Was my son OK? How had he gotten out? Would this man think I was a bad mother? Was I a bad mother? I thanked him politely, but kept my emotions to myself. But I did hug my son very, very tight. I hope that is how this dad was feeling. I’d rather think that than anything else.

2 10 2014
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