23 10 2007

Waldo at 14

Rest in Peace

1993 – 2007

Read about Waldo



4 responses

23 10 2007

I’m so sorry, Dave & Kathy. This is so sad. I’ll check in on you guys tomorrow šŸ˜¦

25 10 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

So So Sorry to hear this. Healing Thoughts to you all.

25 10 2007
Christina Gillen

My heart stopped but then I recalled the first time I met Waldo and I had to smile. He was one in a million! It is so hard to have our dear family leave us but he has wonderful company right now. I am sure JoJo was one of the first to greet him! May the good memories comfort you all.

2 11 2007

You gave Waldo the best lives he could have ever had. Nothing can replace the joy he brought you, but you will be comforted by the many memories and stories he’s telling in dog heaven, where you wipe your paws on the Rottweiler-mat as you walk in!

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