giant steps

26 11 2007

It feels like yesterday – Peter’s developmental roadblocks seemed insurmountable.

  • He wasn’t sitting up. He finally sat.
  • He drank only from a baby bottle. He graduated to sippy cups.
  • Peter needed to be dragged into school each morning. He loves going to school.
  • He would not speak. He spoke (and never stops)!

Red Solo CupIn the past 4 days, Peter has rammed through two more major obstacles. Peter has been quite dogmatic about what, and out-of-what he drinks. There are only a few cups that he will use… until Thanksgiving day four days ago. He saw everyone else drinking water from a large red Solo cups that we all know. He asked for a “big red cup, pweeze”. We gladly obliged, and he drank several times throughout the afternoon and evening.

chicken dinosaursThe next milestone was reached today at school, and reproduced here at home. The scope of Peter’s diet has also been very narrow, and getting him to try new foods is perpetually futile – until today. In his daily progress report, his teacher wrote, “lunch: ate part of a chicken nugget! :)” WOW! This is huge. Before you comment with a scolding regarding the negative nutritional value of a processed chicken nugget, understand that his entire intake of protein before today has been solely peanut butter. Period. At dinner, we asked him to eat a little chicken for us before we took a bath… and he did it!

It’s been a good week for Peter. It’s been a good week.




2 responses

27 11 2007

Chicken Nuggets! YAYAYAYAY…I so believe that the neurology follows…(or is starting to catch up…those “Soft Neuro Signs” translate to a relative weakness…and it can be in the mouth, tongue and throat as well as the feet and fingers!) So maybe you can use them and step off…maybe fries and some vegies are next…?soft carrots?

3 12 2007

Hey, he’s eating chicken! Who knows where this will lead–someday soon, he’ll be grazing out of the trunk of the car!

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