famous oboists sell stuff!

30 12 2007

Fellow oboist Cooper Wright was shocked to find legendary oboist Alex Klein (formerly of the Chicago Symphony) featured in a Geico television commercial. His appearance had nothing to do with his musical notoriety, and does not mention his vocation at all.

This isn’t a new thing for oboists to do, apparently. Check out this magazine ad that was sent to me by the late oboist Engelbert Brenner‘s grandson. WOW!

Engelbert Brenner featured in a Chrysler marine ad




2 responses

8 08 2008

Actually, if you look REALLY closely, there is a mention of the oboe. In the upper left-hand corner, on the mantle, there it is. Mr. Alex Klein’s oboe. And I thought I was the only person who yelled at the TV and said, “I know that guy!” But I’m not. Glad to have found your blog.

8 08 2008


i did notice the oboe on the mantle… i suspect its a miniature display thingy though – seems rather small. welcome to oboerista! glad you found me too!


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