down in front!

9 02 2008

Hurray Peter! Yesterday, he received his award for Special Achievement from the principal of his school. There was a small ceremony in which a handful of students received this award. All recipients were hand-picked by their teachers.

Peter was the youngest to participate. Mom & Dad hid from view as Peter was brought into the auditorium – seeing us would have thrown him into further confusion as to why he was being pulled from his classroom to attend the ceremony. He sat with the other recipients, quietly & maturely.

CosmoAt the start of the ceremony, the school mascot entered the arena – Cosmo the Crocodile. Island Creek Elementary is filled with crocodile images and likenesses. Even little Peter is used to seeing them everywhere, but Cosmo entered the room, walking, smiling, green, and 6 feet tall! As he entered, one could hear the sounds of a preschooler becoming slightly unsettled.

Wisely, Peter’s turn came very early in the program. Each student was to receive a certificate from the principal, shake hands with her, walk over to Cosmo, shake the reptile’s hand, turn to the camera for a photo op, and be reseated. Peter carefully took his certificate from Dr. Owner and the vice principal, the fuzzy beast maintained a safe distance from the whimpering lad, and he returned to his seat.

I, on the other hand, had my own battle to fight in the audience. I borrowed my brother’s video camera to record Peter’s academic milestone. I emerged quietly & stealthfully from my hidden position in the crowd, sat myself on the floor in front of the audience – so no one could obstruct the camera’s line-of-sight. Peter’s shining moment was all of maybe 10 seconds, and I wasn’t going to miss it.

No one, however, told the man who apparently thought Peter was cute… so cute that he wanted to get him on videotape. As Peter was receiving his certificate, and was now facing the crowd (still upset about Cosmo), this guy jumps down in front of me, completely blocking me (and the camera) from seeing Peter’s proud moment in the spotlight. Now, while figuring out a foreign videocam, I had to get up and move to see the action!

Anyway, here it is – captured on videotape. Don’t blink – it’s over in a hearbeat!

You’ve done amazing work this year, Peter Mankin.
We Love You!




4 responses

9 02 2008
Christina Gillen

Good for you, Peter! p.s. I wouldn’t want to shake that alligator’s hand(flipper?) either!

18 02 2008

Well, he IS the cutest kid in the world! You must be so proud of him! Even if it was only a few seconds on stage, it will live on in your heart forever!

21 02 2008

So sO Kool……Jeannette

21 03 2008

OMG…that’s so COOL! 🙂 Cyn

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