coffee fest 2008 – washington dc

17 02 2008

espresso machineI attended my first Specialty Coffee trade show yesterday. Washington hosted a Coffee Fest trade show for coffee industry folks, and I was able to make my way in and mingle with some pretty important folks in the worldwide coffee scene. In addition to chatting with equipment suppliers & manufacturers, I was able to watch world-class baristas do their thing in both latte art competitions and while making drinks for the attendees.

I tasted coffees roasted by the top names in the country, and made on the most elaborate & best espresso machines on the planet. I was extremely pleased to find out that the coffee I roast & brew at home Zoka espresso(whether on my Bunn ES-1A espresso machine, Cory vacuum pot, French Press, or whatever) is right on the mark with the best of the best (in my humble opinion!) I had espresso shots from Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligencia and the like. The only shot of espresso that stopped me dead in my tracks was from Zoka of Seattle – their coffee was ‘best in show’ in my book. It was a real standout, and I know where the bar is set now.

I finally got to meet someone I have known for almost 2 years through online forums &kuban111 & dmankin correspondences. Reinaldo Miguel (aka Michael or Kuban111) is a home coffee roaster & in-house barista like me, and we finally got to shake hands in person & spend the afternoon checking out the show’s exhibits together. Michael, his lovely wife Ale, their acquaintance Andrey and I walked & talked (and drank, of course) coffees & espresso shots from around the world together.

I can’t wait for Coffee Fest 2009!




2 responses

26 02 2008
Michael/Kuban111/ ect ect ect...

Hi Dave, Thanks for hanging with us at C-fest. We sure had a great time. BTW please leave the “coffee Bean” photo up on your blog. I believe the title of your blog well describes “The Context”.
You c an always write about “better living thru eye lenses correction”, just my 2 cents. BTW you need to buy a Mazzer Kony 🙂 or come to Jersey. Hope to see you soon.

29 06 2008
coffee slingers

good delicious fun….good discernment sir ….zoka knows their s@#$.
..if you are everin okc heck us out…fresh roasted coffee and skillful balanced extraction is the is more important than peace on earth….

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