reed string rainbow

11 03 2008

oboe reed stringBack in 1981, I picked up a sturdy used wooden chair to serve at my reed-making desk. It was the start of my 15 year career as principal oboist of the U.S. Navy Band in Washington, DC. Playing was constant and frequently grueling (routinely 2+ hour long concerts, and sometimes more than 1 per day while touring). Reed making was a constant. When in college, I used the same chair for those 4 years, and never removed the reed string tied to the chair’s back for reed tying. After 4 years of school, I accumulated quite a clump of string. This current clump of knots represents just about every reed I have made for the last 27 years! The thickness of the string collection is not evident by this photo, as the knots stretch from the top of the rung to a position well below the layers of draped threads.




2 responses

23 03 2008

The visual proof of the work music is!
Keep playing and keep making reeds that sing along with you.

26 03 2008

I have so far resisted the siren song of reed making….Maybe an occasional scrape here and there….I am saving “reed carcasses” too… maybe I will make my own reed someday…the hardest decision: WHAT COLOR STRING????

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