bedtime stories

5 04 2008

Emma reads a bedtime story to Peter

It’s a very touching event in my house that happens each night. After hours of loud banter between Emma and Peter, Emma sits in the big chair in Peter’s room and reads him a bedtime story. This is followed by a lullaby and Peter is left alone, where he “reads” a book until he’s asleep.

For 5 minutes, you’d swear you were watching The Waltons.




3 responses

6 04 2008

Emma may be a HUGE part of the reason that Peter is doing so well….He is both getting really nice attention and BONDING as well as a wonderful example to emulate!

Nice David!

7 04 2008

And good job on the meat…what a great deal!!!

10 04 2008

This may have many more far-reaching effects than you think. Kids who read to others develop life-long habits of reading enjoyment, and as they get older, they can take turns reding chapters to each other. It will be fun for both of them, and they will be able to tackle longer books. Yeaaaa!

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