elmo, pooky, and the next generation

11 04 2008

Dave Mankin & Tom MooreWhen I was growing up in Lakewood, New Jersey, my best friend was Tom Moore. Tom lived a few blocks away, was a year younger, and was generally made of ‘completely different stuff’ than I. Therefore, we got along famously. His home was my second home, his brother was my non-related brother, his mom was my other mom, and so on.

After high school, I left the New Jersey Shore – Tom stayed and built his business, married a Jersey Shore girl, and had two sons. As the years rolled by, I saw Tom occasionally, but once I married and started my family in Virginia (and my remaining relatives in NJ had passed away), trips home become scarce.

Casey, Justin, Dave & TomOne does not have to see or spend time with a dear friend often to be close. Tom and his sons came to Virginia last week. College scouting for the oldest son & Washington, DC sightseeing for all were the main reasons for the trip, but it gave Tom & me an opportunity to see each other again, and for me to meet his sons as young men now – not as little boys (as I had last seen them).

Tom got to meet my children as well. Remember the comment about ‘beingTom, Dave, Emma & Peter made of different stuff’? Tom’s family is delightful – raised with different stuff, no doubt. His sons have his wit and charisma – it will take them far.

Justin and Casey are fine young men – and Tom is the same. We laughed as we recounted endless stories and characters from our youth. Although 40 years have passed, the stories and memories were as fresh as if they occurred last week.

It is clearly the quality of a friendship, not the frequency of visits, that define its depth.

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11 04 2008

That’s the best kind of friendship–the kind that can withstand years apart, then when you see each other, it’s as if no time had passed at all.

5 02 2009
Dan Einhorn

Hey Dave, As your picture was coming up I thought it may have been me. You’ve got the Jerry Garcia look. Glad to say I was able to enjoy the boat rowing and be a part of many PPP events as well. Do you still have the photo of us with Pooky? You didn’t mention your little brother. I never would have recognized Tom other than to say he does look like he’s from Jersey. Enjoyed many a day marching side by side and over the cars. Be well.

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