game over, dude

15 04 2008

Lately, I find myself startled at how well, clear & correct Peter’s language skills can be. Last night, he was playing a Blue’s Clues PC game on our old computer. One month ago, he had no mouse skills at all (often trying and failing to control anything). Within a weeks time, he was pointing, clicking and double clicking appropriately. He stepped away from the computer, came over to me & said, “The CD is broken, Dad. The CD is broken”. When I looked over at the computer, the CD drawer was open, and his game was, therefore, interrupted. He was independently playing, using newly-developed skills, interacting appropriately with the game’s prompts, reasoning out the puzzles put forth – AND verbally expressed a problem to me accurately.

Keep going, Peter!
(but stay away from eBay ’till you’re six)




One response

15 04 2008

That’s great! 🙂
Any word on kindergarten yet???

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