nationals park – baseball’s newest gem

13 07 2008
Dave & Laurent enjoy our national pastime

Dave & Laurent enjoy the national pastime

Last August, my old college roommate Laurent Levy came down to DC for my birthday. He brought me to a Washington Nationals baseball game. It was played at their original home stadium, RFK Stadium. Its an old facility built in 1961 for the Washington Redskins & the Washington Senators. The Senators have long ago (twice!) abandoned DC (now the Minnesota Twins and the Texas Rangers), and the Redskins play at FedEx field in the Maryland suburbs.

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

We both had a terrific time at the game. His wife Karen phoned me last month to tell me that Laurent is still talking about that game, and that she wanted to surprise him for Father’s Day with more tickets to another baseball game in DC. That’s just what she did, and Laurent & I sat in great seats – right behind home plate – at the beautiful, new Nationals Park.

Houston Astros vs. the Washington Nationals – a classic battle of last place teams. It simply didn’t matter. It was an outing to celebrate the game of baseball in a beautiful new ballpark!

Always a highlight at Nationals home games; THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE!

Thanks, Karen & Laurent – another memorable day thanks to you both. I am grateful!



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