a nice quote on autism

31 08 2008

autism awareness

I found this nice excerpt from an online news source located in Bangladesh.  It rings true to me, and I wanted to share it with the folks who follow my blog, and who may know my son Peter.

So if you know someone who has autism, be extra patient when you’re talking with him or her. Don’t expect a person with autism to look at things the same way you do. You should also realize that some behaviors you think are rude (like interrupting you when you’re talking) come from a different perception of the world: It’s tough for people who can’t read social cues and recognize the natural pauses in a conversation to know when to jump in with their own thoughts. The more understanding and supportive you are, the more enjoyable your time together will be.

Despite all the day-to-day hurdles, though, many people with autism lead fulfilling, happy lives on their own or with help from friends and family. Most teens with autism like school, and some can attend regular classes with everyone else. They have individual tastes and enjoy different activities, just like you do. Some people with autism go on to vocational school or college, get married, and have successful careers.

The New Nation – Internet Edition.




One response

1 09 2008

Nice quote.
That is my ultimate dream for Matthew…to have a carreer and get married.
I worry about what will happen to him after mommy & daddy leave this earth b/c he doesn’t have any siblings to help look after him. Sometimes I think we should have another baby so they can help Matthew as he gets older…but then I realize that child could have autism too (and might be even worse off than Matthew)!
And not that’s easy to for us to get preggos…it only took us 7 years (of fertlity treatments and emotional hell) to make Matthew!
Sorry for the long (TMI) comment…it’s just been one of those days (um, weeks)!

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