6 09 2008
Peter sips through a strw

Peter sips through a straw

Another hurdle has been passed by Peter today.  In addition to a very successful 1st week of kindergarten, Peter went to the refrigerator tonight & pulled out a juice box.  He said over & over that he wanted a juice box.

Peter has never successfully taken a sip from a straw.  As a matter of fact, if you could ever get a straw into his mouth (and it might be easier to move your house 10 feet to the left), he’d bite it flat in a heartbeat.  Sipping a straw is simply one of those things we felt he may NEVER do…

… until tonight.




One response

8 09 2008

Yeah Peter!!!
It took Matthew FOREVER to learn how to drink from a regular straw (McDonald’s type). I am so excited that we can now order a beverage at restaurant and have him drink it!
Now we just have to teach our boys to drink thick things like milkshakes!!!

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