tomato drill

9 09 2008

Yesterday, when my son came home from kindergarten, I asked him about his school day.  He told me that they played, sang, colored & also had a tomato drill.

Hmmmm.  Tomato drill?  I asked what he had for lunch.  He listed every morsel on his food tray, but tomato was not mentioned.  I twisted a few questions around to try to get more details from him, but he was quite definitive – he had a tomato drill at school.

Later, my daughter (who attends the same school as a fourth grader) translated.  With the current lineup of tropical storms forming in the Atlantic Ocean, they conducted a TORNADO Drill.  Good thinking – great try at a hard word by Peter – and rather lacking interpretive skills on my part.




2 responses

10 09 2008

Love the sign!

23 09 2008

Of course it was a tomato drill! I LOVE how that works. Kids have no trouble substituting words they know and are familiar with with ones they don’t. And the image on the sign was great! Watch out for flying tomatoes!

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