a berry nice day

20 09 2008
Peter Picks Raspberries

Peter Picks Raspberries

The summer heat has yielded to cooler fall temperatures.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky this morning.  Kathy came up with an idea for a family activity.  “Let’s go berry picking”.  She researched some farms that allow you to pick your own fruit & vegetables.  She found a farm in Deleplane, Virginia called Hollin Farm.  We drove 50 miles west of Washington.  The Interstate highway led us to a State highway.  Next was a county road, and finally a dirt road which was pitted from tractor use.  As we entered the farm property, we passed a field of cows and pigs.  Already, the kids were excited.  Once we parked, we immediately walked back to the pig pen so Peter & Emma could see & hear them up close.  In case you don’t know this, pigs are dirty, loud, and don’t smell all that great!  We then passed a

Emma Collects Some Red Beauties

Emma Collects Some Red Beauties

family that had just come from the berry patch.  I have never seen such beautiful raspberries before.  We grabbed a few containers & headed directly for the raspberry patch.  Peter and Emma were both captivated.  Peter diligently picked ripe berries & gently placed them in our baskets.

Emma Enjoys A Fresh Carrot

Emma Enjoys A Fresh Carrot

Once we collected our share of berries, Kathy & Emma picked some tomatoes and peppers.  I found some nice cucumbers, but Emma & I really had a ball getting the freshest carrots in the world.  We had to find them (not so easy, actually – one must spot the appropriate greenery, grab a shovel… and dig!)

Tonight’s dinner included some fabulous carrots, and was followed by an amazing fruit salad, featuring vine-ripened, super-fresh raspberries!



2 responses

23 09 2008

Fabulous raspberry picture! Good enough to eat! -Q

28 09 2008

Those look so yummy!

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