fall firehouses & farms

13 10 2008

Each October, our local firehouses hold an open house as part of fire prevention month festivities.  Peter is a HUGE firetruck fan, so it was a must-do activity this weekend.  Area farms also hold fall festivals and Halloween pumpkin patches.   We were joined at a farm by Peter’s preschool classmate Matthew & his mom.  The boys & Emma had a great time running around, seeing farm animals & playing in the hay maze.




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3 11 2008

I love firetrucks too! And the firemen. 🙂 Probably comes from my father being a lifelong volunteer fireman. I spent a lot of time at the firehouse while he was out on calls. Mom was working and he had to go.
October is National Fire Prevention Month, so our house does all kinds of stuff too. I remember them coming to my school and talking to the kids. Everyone was impressed because I already knew the majority of those guys!
Cute pictures, but I’m going to ask a silly question. What’s the piece playing behind it?

4 11 2008

Hey Kate!

You know, I’ll have to do some digging to see what concerto that is. I have a bunch of music ripped from CD’s that are largely unlabeled, and I don’t recognize it off the top of my head either!

How’s life?


3 12 2008

Hiya, I’m finally getting off Crackbook to catch up on my favorite blogs. I’ll have to show Matthew this video tomorrow so he can see Peter, Emma, and Riley the horse! 🙂

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