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9 11 2008

OK.  I’m an oboist, but there are no sound bytes on this blog.  I found some clips from old recording sessions that I have tossed together into a single mp3 file.  The clips are both orchestra & wind ensemble excerpts.  If this works (technically), I’ll post more audio in the future.  Enjoy.




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9 11 2008
Christina Gillen

Dave? Is that you? it sounds beautiful! I took History of Music so long ago …. was that Wagner? or Bizet?

10 11 2008

I did The Inferno in high school! We used to do what was called a Prism concert. Stages were built over the seats in the back corners of the auditorium. The spot lights would illuminate various groups and ensembles that literally surrounded the audience – the idea of a prism of music. There would be no clapping between the groups and the programs aren’t handed out until after the performance. Makes for a very unique experience. With The Inferno, I crept out to the edge of a dark stage, while another group in the far corner played their piece. They finished, and their spotlight went down. I started playing that opening solo, and they brought a red spotlight up on me. When the entire band finally enters, the stage lights were turned on and I took my place with the band.
And I haven’t forgotten about posting about the recent masterclasses. I’m just still working on it!

10 11 2008

Kate – that sounds like a cool way to play the Inferno!

I was probably the 1st oboist to play that – When Robert W. Smith (or scores of other composers) has a collection of new pieces he/she wants to market, they come to Washington & hire a wind ensemble or orchestra to record them. Then the CDs are distributed to schools & the3 like so folks can hear the piece before buying. I’ve been playing on those recordings for more than 20 years now.



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