it’s bedtime – do the math

16 03 2009

digital-clock-md1Peter watches a little TV in my bedroom before he goes into his own bed to sleep each evening.  There is a digital clock on top of the TV.  AT 8:40 pm, I told Peter that we’ll watch the movie Wall-E until 8:50pm, and then we’ll shut off the movie and go to his room to got to sleep.  He watched the movie for a few minutes, looked at the clock, and reported to me that it was 8:48.  We need to go to bed in 2 minutes.

Wait – that’s MATH!  Real, practical math.  Hmmmmm…




One response

17 03 2009
Kate MacLeod

That is pretty cool how smart he is! I didn’t appreciate the practicality of math until about fifth grade, and only then did I start doing well in that subject. Went from the lowest section to the top section in one year. Ended up taking Calculus in high school, where I stopped understand the practicality of the math and therefore stopped doing well.
Still – Smart kid!

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