peter’s perfect pitch perplexes parent

22 03 2009

firehouse1This morning, my five year old son became suddenly agitated as he played with one of his favorite toys.  It’s a firehouse.  The roof is lined with five buttons.  Each button triggers a different electronic sound.  Peter began to yell, “It sounds different – it sounds different!”  I went over, and pressed each button. The bell button still sounded the bell, the siren still sounded the siren noise, etc.  He grabbed the toy back, and repeatedly pressed the fire truck’s horn button.  ‘Dad – it’s not right anymore – it’s the wrong sound now”, he cried.  I listened carefully – the diesel horn tooted the note F.  I grabbed a screw driver & removed the battery compartment cover.  I pulled out the aging AA batteries & white_tuner_croppedreplaced them with fresh ones.  With the new batteries in place, the diesel horn still sounded an F… but one that was ever-so-slightly higher in pitch – less than a quarter tone in my estimation.  Peter smiled & declared, “Now it sounds right, Dad – that’s the right noise”.

I better keep a safe distance when making reeds!




4 responses

22 03 2009

Oh my gosh, your boy is something special! If he plays an instrument I sure hope it won’t be clarinet, trumpet, or saxophone!!! He’ll go crrrraazy!!! LOL

23 03 2009
Kate MacLeod

Ooo – I was that kid. My mother tried to make me wear batteries out to the bitter end. As long as the toy made noise, it was still good or so was her reasoning. Rechargeable batteries became a lifesaver!

23 03 2009

Holy Cow! That is unbelievable. Have you handed him an Oboe yet?

23 03 2009

OMG! What a challenge in his life–and yours!

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