peter’s prodigious piano premier

18 05 2009

It’s a moment I have thought about ever since it became clear that Peter has perfect pitch. I knew I would someday introduce him to the piano keyboard & see how quickly he grasps the concept of a musical scale, and the relationship of physical up & down on the keyboard and higher & lower pitches.

I set up a video camera next to the piano, gave Peter a quick (30 seconds or so) explanation of a C Major scale and how the keyboard works, and I then turned on the camera.  What you see here is unrehearsed, and quite literally Peter’s 1st time playing the piano.

[my apologies for the audio quality – Murphy’s Law kicked in & the video’s audio track sounds terrible – go figure]




5 responses

18 05 2009
David Mankin

I just noticed that he played the first scale with his right hand, and then with his left!

19 05 2009
Andrew Waldren

Thats awesome, he sure has some unique talents at such a young age. Looks like he might be on his way to becoming a professional musician as well.

19 05 2009

I love playing “u”! 🙂

I love this video … and BRAVO PETER! (Nice voice, too.)

Thanks for posting this.

21 05 2009
Kate MacLeod

Listening to my mom’s various elementary school choruses for years (and eventually working with my own church choir) one of the more difficult things for musicians of any age to do is change octaves. Peter does this with basically no effort. He reached the high end of his range and immediately just dropped down the octave. Even I can’t do something like that!

22 05 2009
Cooper Wright

I’m not sure what to say other than I’m terribly jealous of his God given abilities. Congratulations to a proud father!

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