29 05 2009

I attended our annual IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for Peter on Tuesday.  It was an excellent meeting between teachers, principal, specialists & parents. Peter’s progress is noticeable in every aspect of his school presence.  Rather than wait through the summer break, it was decided to let Peter spend more of his day in his mainstream kindergarten classroom for the remainder of this school year (under 3 weeks).  I was nervous about this decision, even though it is exactly what I was hoping would come out of this IEP.  I’m sure the school staff was just as nervous, but it was time to let Peter flourish deeper into new places & things.

burger_boyTwo days have now passed since this meeting.  On his first day post-IEP, Peter spent triple the amount of time in his kindergarten classroom, and yesterday it was quadrupled.  Peter proudly jumped off the school bus both afternoons  and gleefully told me that he had a great day.  Last night we ran to the mall to pick up a few items.  Peter walked next to me without holding hands very often, and I even caught him walking smartly with his hands in his hip pockets.  I’ve never seen this posturing before, and I have never seem him negotiate the world with such confidence.

It’s only been 2 days – and I know not every day will be perfect & strong, and there may even be days that I wish we hadn’t pushed him… but maybe not!

My pride in Peter & his newly found confidence is staggering.  My true hero doesn’t wear a baseball uniform or appear on TV or in the movies – he walks with his hands in his pockets by himself in the mall.




5 responses

29 05 2009
Patricia Van Horn

HOORAY FOR PETE!!!! Hate to say I told you so (not really), but I did!:) I thought he’d just shine, and keep shining. Great news!!!!

29 05 2009
Jennifer McMahon

You are an outstanding father, and looking at your powerful writing, I wonder if perhaps you have yet to rise to your true calling. As for Peter…he is going to rock this world.

4 06 2009

Peter’s confidence comes from the great/hard/thought-through decisions you and Kathy have made by watching Peter and working with him endlessly. Hooray for Peter! Hooray for you!

4 06 2009

So glad that he is doing SO WELL David! Jeannette

5 10 2009
Margaret Blickenderfer

The tiny, incremental steps forward of dev. delayed child are monumental reason for celebration, aren’t they?! Fabulous!

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