pepsi, ketchup & swapping flags

5 11 2009

Mel_MankinMy father passed away when I was just two years old.  Melvin Mankin was only 29 when he died.  Mom & her two sons carried on without him.  Mom remarried years later, and my brother Phil came along after that.  We had occasional contact with the Mankin side of the family, but they were all in Brooklyn, New York, and we were at the New Jersey shore town of Lakewood.  I knew of my cousin Barbara, and that I had some aunts and an Uncle on the Mankin side, but I rarely saw them, and never really knew who was who on my father’s side.

At one point in my youth, I asked my mother the Mankin’s country of origin.  I no-polandknew my mother’s family came to Ellis Island from Lithuania.  She told me that the Mankins were Polish.  Honestly, it was so long ago, I’m not sure if she professed to know for sure, or that she merely assumed their Polish heritage, but she definitely told me that I was half Polish.

A few months ago, I received a voice message from Meryl Turco.  Merly is my cousin –a 1st cousin on my father’s side!  She is my Aunt Marion’s daughter.  I called her back and we spoke for over an hour.  I had made the presumption that there was no one on the planet who knew my father and could tell me about him.  I have so many unanswered questions regarding my dad.  Suddenly, I had a resource!  She is more than a dozen years older than me, and remembers my father vividly.  He much preferred Pepsi over Coke – me too.  He was a ketchup fiend – me too.  He loved to tinker with things – me too.

RomaniaFlagA few months had passed, and I received a phone call from my cousin Barbara – my Aunt Ruth’s daughter.   She was putting together a Mankin cousins reunion.  This reunion was held this past weekend, and my family and I drove to New Jersey to meet and spend time with newly rediscovered family.  I know so much more about the Mankins now.  Here’s one – we are NOT Polish.  We are Romanian!  My great-grandmother, Rebecca Goldstein, came to the US from Bucharest in 1888.

My kids have the last name of Mankin.  We now have some stories to share with them about their heritage.  Romania – I think I’ll go listen to some Enesco.  I just may hear something I’ve never heard before.




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9 11 2009

That’s really cool you found out more about your heritage. Good for you! I’m really happy for you. Isn’t it just baffling when you find out information about yourself that you never knew?

3 12 2009
Penny WM

Hey Dave, Ed’s father’s family is also from Romania. I’m pretty sure his great grandparents came over at about the same time to NYC. Who knows, maybe they sang wild Romanian songs together on the crossing.

I’m enjoying hearing about the kids and your life in general, but from the list on the right, I have a lot of catch-up reading to do yet!

Happy holidays!

24 12 2009
Happy Holidays to You All! « The 2009 Mankin Holiday Letter

[…] unexpected treat for the Mankins this year came in the form of an invitation to a Mankin family reunion in New Jersey.  David reconnected with long-lost relatives, heard stories of generations lost, and […]

29 12 2009
Linda Rochelle

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m enjoying reading about your career, interests, family. You may remember me – Kathy’s friend from LI
Happy New Year

29 04 2010

My husbands family is Romanian, via Vienna to Brooklyn. Lots of tales there: Romanian Passports were death during the WWii; my FIL a holocaust survivor, made it out only because of an Austrian passport….

24 04 2012

Dawid, I think there is a possibility that your Father’s family came from Poland. I found out that in Poland live 23 person with name “Mankin”. I couldn’t find the origin of your Father’s Family name but I think it my be Jewish. Maybe your Mankin named ancestor married a Rebecca Goldstein already in the U.S.A. You must also know that from 15th to 1st half of 20th century part of Lithuania belong to Poland, so maybe your Mather’s family has also Polish roots.

4 06 2016

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