Adobe Acrobat Training – David Mankin

In 1996, David Mankin began his official association with the Adobe Corporation as an Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor in Acrobat technologies. With Acrobat 3 in tow, he traveled from coast to coast, teaching, lecturing & demonstrating the depth & ease of Acrobat technologies. He has trained and guided thousands of learners & professionals on every release of Acrobat since.

Visit Acrobatix! – David’s Acrobat Tips, Tricks & Training blog.

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20 01 2009

Hi David,

Not sure where I should place this alert, but I’ve handed you a Premios Dardo Award and you can do with it what you will. 🙂


19 03 2010
Terry Stowes


This is Terry Stowes. I am doing a training event/seminar and was wondering if you would be available to do a 30 minute Acrobat demo. Would you email me if you would be interested and I can tell you more about it.

Thanks, Terry

18 06 2010
Michael Finkelman

Hello Mr. Mankin –

Greetings. I am an oboist and historian. If you take THE DOUBLE REED, you have probably seen my name on occasion. I have often enjoyed your interesting and well-varied website. During the course of my 40 years of researches (mostly concerned with the lower members of the oboe family),
I came upon a listing of a MS work for English horn written for Mr. Brenner by the late Cypriot-US composer, Anis Fuleihan.
As far as I have been able to determine, this MS is not to be found in any US library. Given that it was written for Mr. Brenner, I wonder if in fact you own it. I would like to obtain a copy of this music for my archival collection, and will be happy to pay copying, packing and postal costs. I have a large collection of music for the English horn, so if you prefer, we can arrange an exchange. I would naturally be interested to know if Mr. Brenner owned any other manuscript materials, or rare (pre-WWI) imprints.
Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from you.
With best regards,
Michael Finkelman

21 11 2011
Bird Jensen

Hi David,

I am Bert Brenner’s grad-daughter, and I would like to email you privately. You can reach me at


Bird Brenner Jensen

21 08 2013

Dear Mr. Mankin, I saw your posts about the Bunn espresso machine. I have one just like it, but my main switch broke. I was hoping you could send me a picture of which wires go where on the main switch. I almost started a fire plugging them in the wrong place. Please email me at at your earliest convenience. Thank you. Carlos

10 01 2016

Mr. Mankin,
I had the privilege of taking lessons with Mr. Brenner my college summer of 1968 while attending the University of New Mexico. I got a chuckle when we first met because he thought I was going to be a Native American.

During that summer, he had made for me a copy of his shaper tip. After playing for over 50 years, I have finally retired (mostly because of the reed making). There is a young promising player (who studied with Helen Taylor Erb, as I did) who would like to purchase the tip. Would you have any idea about what I should ask for it?

I appreciate any advice you might be able to give.

Peggy McCreary

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