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David MankinI am a professional classical musician, currently living in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. I am originally from Lakewood, New Jersey, moved to Boston for my formal musical training at the New England Conservatory of Music, and then moved to Washington to perform in the U.S. Navy Band as that group’s principal oboist.

After retiring from the Navy Band in 1996, I returned to the life of a freelance artist, performing up and down the East Coast in every venue from Carnegie Hall to the recording studio.

I am married & have 2 young children. Being a dad has proven to be more than a full time job for me. As a man in my mid-40s, I was a “kindergarten room father” and drive “Dad’s Taxi” day after day after day – I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I am also a software trainer, teaching classes of professional adults how to use a variety of software applications.

Concert tours of Europe have led me down a path in search of wonderful cuisine & extraordinary coffees. I seek beauty & comfort in all these things – food, coffee, my family and music.


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1 12 2006
Eli Amilani

Hi David,
It’s been nice that we have had this time to catch up. I’ll admit it has been one sided as you did all of the blogging. The kids are cute. And “Harry the Great” rides again. We’ll have to do coffee the next time I drive past your house. I do pass by the neighborhood on occaision.
Eli Amilani

16 01 2007

Hello there … landed at your site when doing a search on oboists … if you’d like, I’d be more than happy to put a link at my site, as you are a fellow oboist. I like to get permission before I link; if you prefer not to be linked I certainly understand.

All the best-

23 02 2007
Steve Hess

Hey Scooter,
Just wanted to Ketchup with you. You site is looking good. and so do you. It’s been too long. Maybe one we can get the gang together. Email me you number again.


3 03 2007
Scrapin'By Susan Findley

LOVE your blog!!!!! That’s all I can say without your storytelling gift.
You Rock.


5 04 2007
Cooper Wright

Greetings Sir!
Just a note to say how much I love your blog! Reading your entries makes me wonder what else we have in common… Oboe, NEC, Cats, Coffee, Family, etc. etc. etc. I am looking forward to reading more!

PS. You gotta stop posting those pic of your freshly roasted coffee beans. They simply make me drool all over my keyboard.

6 04 2007
Jeannette Lamy Clemons

Hey David! Its great to find you..These Days I have begun studying 2nd oboe instead of playing Flute. It has proven to be a fun distraction from Psychiatry, the LOGICAL next step from the USN Band! We are living in NH near Manchester, not so far from Boston…glad life is good for you!

Jeannette (former principal flutist USN Band)!

13 06 2007
Lynn Mankin

Do you have any family in Florida.

17 06 2007

Hey Dave – I know those are coffee beans up there next to your lovely mug, but they may not look like coffee beans to other people. :=)

1 11 2007
Brian Charles

I was googling “Gomberg” and found your site.

I am a former Gomberg student, Englebert Brenner tool owner and Ponte denizen.

The photos! The descriptions of your experiences! The stories! Great blog.

I don’t have time to read much at the moment, but intend to return soon, and would love to discuss featuring your blog on my site at some point.

22 02 2008
Hi Dave:

Hi Dave:

I remember you from LHS band. You were good – I sucked! Best wishes.

Scott Krell (LHS ’77)

21 03 2008

Very impressive…can I have your autograph?! 🙂 Cyn
P.S. I’m not a coffee drinker but John LOVED your latte today!

21 03 2008

Very impressive…can I have your autograph?! 🙂 Cyn
P.S. I’m not a coffee drinker but John LOVED your latte today!

7 05 2008
Mitchell Hall

To whom it may concern,

I would be interested in using the image of a pineapple from the homepage of your website (https://oboerista.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/fridaypizza-school-even-for-peter/) in my GCSE ICT Aida Coursework. I would be very grateful if you would allow me permission to use this image, and could get back to me as quickly as possible, as the deadline is fast approaching.

Many thanks in advance!!!

Mitchell Hall

Lutterworth College, Leicester, England

11 06 2008

Hi David!
What a great blog! I love all the little stories about your experiences with your oboe. A fellow blogger suggested I check your site out as we are both lovers of coffee and oboe. I’m pretty sure I’ll love being a parent someday. I just need to find a man who will share me with my first two loves!

I’d love to link to your blog, but would like to ask permission. Check my baby blog out and let me know!

3 07 2008
Richard Kravchak

Hi David,

I saw your comment on the Double reed list serve today, and then found your website. It is good to see you doing well. Who ever knew that two boys from Central New Jersey would end up playing oboe for a living? I am out in Los Angeles playing a bunch and working as chair of music at CSU Dominguez Hills. Take care.

Richard Kravchak
Howell High School, class of 1976

19 08 2008


Great site! I am very curious of the serial numbers of the Brenner Oboe and English Horn. I am an oboist and have collected 7 “formerly” famous oboes and keep a listing of oboes that our “historic” American players have used and I would love to know the specifics of E. Brenner’s oboes. His playing is wonderful.



14 10 2008
Nicola Riley

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you to enquire as to whether it would be possible for me to use a photograph from your website. I am a student from a secondary school in England, Europe and would very much like to use your photograph on my school work. The photograph will only be seen by myself, my teacher and the exam board and will be used for no other purpose. I would be most grateful if you would allow this to happen. The photograph in question is a picture of some carrots, as I am doing work on healthy eating. Please reply a.s.a.p.
Thanks, Nicola Riley.

12 12 2008
cynthia marr

nice to find your page! It looks and reads great! As a saxophoneriista (and you have been there too – clunk, clunk – oops, there goes the bell!) I truly enjoyed the page(s). PB let me know where to find you. Keep brewing the coffee, lotsa cream alongside (in case I’m in the area). My oldest is heading to college next year – can you believe it? You will be there soon, too.

Brew well,

14 05 2009
Laurel Siberts

Hey Dave,

It’s been a while- I have a question/favor to ask. I am in such an incredible reed slump and feel like I have lost so much oboe proficiency. I would love to take some refresher lessons. I remember you told me you are not into teaching oboe, but wondered if you could recommend someone in our area (Prince William/Fairfax). Thanks!
Love your blog!

12 08 2009

Hey its aaron how are you mrs mankin I was just finding some kind of way to contact you guys because it says when I call you it says that it blocks nubers that you guys don’t know my number so ask emma and please un block the well bye

24 09 2009
J.C. Carter

Dear Dave,

I am in the market for a very good espresso machine for my home. My own tastes and resedarch led me to futurmat. I was and am interested in the new futurmat machines. However, I am having a difficult time getting straight answers from most of the online companies that sell espresso machines. Most of them seem to put down Spanish made machines. If you have the time I would appreciate your oppinion of futurmat quality. I hope this is not a bother for you.

J.C. Carter

29 08 2010
Johnny Holliday

Happened to run across your website and saw the post about you getting a thumbs up from Ray Knight at a Nat’s game. Love to visit with you next time you take in a game. Be sure and stop by our set to say hello to Ray and I.

All the best
Johnny Holliday

27 12 2010
Robin Tropper

Just looking to join oboe players with interesting stories together. There must be a way to link your blog to my Twitter and/or BlogSpot accounts…

I played oboe for 8 years in the Canadian Army Reserves…. I’m sure its very different than in the States: you guys have the reputation of having really good military bands.

6 04 2011
Wasim Islam

It is an honor to know a man like you, who is grounded enough to value his family and simpler pleasures in life over his career in music and his passion – music. Of the musicians I have known in my life, it hgenerally has been the other way around, family, friends and people came last last in their list – music came first. Kudos to you – you have not lost your Human Spirit! i will get in touch soon, I apologize that I have disappeared for a while!

7 06 2012

If you dont mind, where do you host your web page? I am hunting for a good web host and your site appears to be fast and up all the time

7 06 2012
David Mankin

This blog is hosted – for free – on wordpress.com. sign up is free & easy, and it is highly reliable! Good luck, David

26 04 2013
Donna Bizub

I bought a Bhosys oboe in 1981, serial number “A15.” Where can I get more information on this instrument?

25 05 2013

Great blog! 😀 I love the oboe and I love coffee, and here are the two things at once. Very nice 🙂

2 08 2013

Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer,
it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
Other then that, wonderful blog!

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