¿cómo el infierno él sabía eso?

31 12 2007

doraOut driving with the family today – running some errands. Approachingtraffic light a busy intersection, the traffic light changes from green to amber – and then finally to red. I slowed the car down and stopped at the intersection. As this is happening, Peter calls out VerdeAmarilloRojo.” When the light finally turns green again, and I’ve picked my jaw off of the car’s floor, I am told that it’s Verde again, and that I should proceed.

¡Mierda Santa!

famous oboists sell stuff!

30 12 2007

Fellow oboist Cooper Wright was shocked to find legendary oboist Alex Klein (formerly of the Chicago Symphony) featured in a Geico television commercial. His appearance had nothing to do with his musical notoriety, and does not mention his vocation at all.

This isn’t a new thing for oboists to do, apparently. Check out this magazine ad that was sent to me by the late oboist Engelbert Brenner‘s grandson. WOW!

Engelbert Brenner featured in a Chrysler marine ad

two sure signs that winter has arrived at the mankin house…

28 12 2007
footy jammies
footy jammies
gingerbread houses
gingerbread house

peter REALLY knows his alphabet, apparently

19 12 2007

Who knew?

frozen memories; the worst musical job – ever!

12 12 2007

Dave Inauguration ConcertThe heating up of the political season is bringing back memories of a musical experience I will never forget. It was January of 1993. Bill Clinton had just been elected as President, and a huge concert-event was being put together to welcome the new commander-in-chief Clintons & Goresto Washington. A full symphony orchestra was assembled using wind and string players from all the branches of the military. Quincy Jones produced the extravaganza. Ray Charles performed with us, Kenny G., Dianna Ross, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Dylan, Whoopie Goldberg, Kathleen Battle, – oh, and Michael Jackson was the special surprise guest – who simply didn’t have to rehearse, and who’s limo was stuck in traffic, so it held up the whole show until his weirdness could make it to the stage. There they were – Bubba & Jacko together – both soon to have sexual abuse charges aimed at them.

Rehearsal areal shotThe most unforgettable part of this event was not who it was for, or who performed, but where and when; It was January… and it was outdoors – on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The temperatures never rose into the 30s, and the wind next to the Potomac River whirled around us constantly. Rehearsals ran for several days prior to the actual concert – all day long. I held in my gloved hand a $5,000 Loree English horn. Thank goodness, it belonged to my Uncle Sam. There were no provisions for heating afforded us. We simply sat, huddled together until it was time to try to play the next number. Tens of Millions of Americans proudly watched the event on HBO from the warmth of their living room sofas.

Without a doubt – the worst musical job I have ever played!

waffling over military secrets

9 12 2007

round waffle ironPeter surprised everyone last week by eating waffles in school. In order to keep things moving forward, I made a batch of home-made waffles for breakfast this morning. My waffle iron makes round waffles, but Peter’s teacher told us that he fed himself waffle sticks. I gave him the choice of waffle shapes.


The Pentagon“Peter, would you like round waffles, rectangle waffles or triangle waffles?”


“Pentagon waffles” he proudly replied.


Yeah, he’s talking now.